Healing Codependency

Healing Codependency

Online Workshop with Erika Wright

2 August 2021 Workshops Offered:

Sundays, August 1, 8, & 15 from 9-11 AM PST

or Tuesdays, August 3, 10 & 17 from 9-11 AM PST

Do you have a hard time putting your well-being before other peoples? Do you do things you don't want to do? Do you try to manage other people's feelings by doing things for them that make them feel better?

These are some patterns of Codependence....and we ALL have them.

This conditioning is THICK and deep and has many layers. If you are ready to begin to put yourself first in all ways, only do things you are inspired to do, and heal behavioral habits to bring you closer to your own happiness, then this workshop is for you!

Together we will identify how we participate in Codependent relationships and begin to open up to new ways of being with ourselves and others. We will address the thoughts and behaviors as well as energetic and ancestral patterning. You will be given tools that help support your liberation. As we become aware of our Codependency we can bust moves that support our own well-being.

Join me for a 3-week workshop where we will address your very particular patterning as well as witness others in the healing of their own.

  • You will also receive a 60-minute Intuitive Counseling Session with Erika Wright ($200 value) to address your very specific healing and ancestral patterning.

BIPOC or Trans scholarships and payment plans available, please email me.

Intro to Healing Codependency

A 90-minute preview of the Healing Codependency Workshop offering on Saturday 7/24/2021 9am-10:30pm PST.