Healing Codependency

with Erika Wright

Women's Medicine Group

Erika Wright -32

Join me for a powerful and intimate immersion into Medicine Teachings designed to get you out of your own way and in alignment with your prayer.

My quarterly Women’s Medicine Healing Group is anchored by the foundational principles and practices that have been instrumental in my own life and healing, and that have been offered to me by The Medicine.

We will cover a range of topics from non-codependency, to intergenerational healing, to sobriety of all kinds, to how to continually make a clear and simple prayer for your life moving forward. All of these groups are full of incredible humans who are all sorting through their own messiness, all while holding space for others.⁣

This is the deepest-dive that I offer.

"I needed a space to witness other people and know that I’m not alone in my experience. I’m inspired by the courage and integrity of the group. When you can witness transformation in other people, you can believe that it’s possible for yourself."

— A. D.