Healing Codependency

with Erika Wright

*New* Healing Codependency Support & Counseling Groups

6-month Online Groups starting in July!

Early registration discount through May 1, 2024 - $500 per month.


Healing Codependency Facilitator Training

Made of Stars

This program is for therapists and other healing professionals who want to better support their clients around issues related to codependency. Most people struggle with codependent behaviors and patterns (How could we not? It’s baked into us by the culture we live in!) - and yet, there is very little acknowledgement of, or professional training to address, the pervasive impacts and suffering connected to codependency. Whether you have been engaged in your own healing codependency process through my Healing Codependency support groups, or you are coming across this work for the first time, by participating in this training you are sure to deepen your own non-codependent practice in ways that will equip you to support others in their codependency healing journeys.

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"I needed a space to witness other people and know that I’m not alone in my experience. I’m inspired by the courage and integrity of the group. When you can witness transformation in other people, you can believe that it’s possible for yourself."

— A. D.