Healing Codependency

with Erika Wright

Healing Codependency Support and Counseling Groups with Erika Erika

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“Here’s how our Wednesday group is holding me gently and helping me to process my grief and pain. It’s giving me the safe space to express my feelings. I feel held. Seen. Heard. Understood without judgement. Encouraged. I feel a kinship of people who are working on creating a new mindset and way in the world.

As I listen to each person sharing, I see the obvious differences in our lives and situations. But -much more strongly- I recognize the common denominators, the similarities between our experiences.

There are universal patterns, and I learn something from each individual person- as you coach us and as they share their own stories and make their way through their co-dependency healing process.

THANK YOU 🙏🏽 FOR CREATING THIS GROUP AND FOR LOVING US WITH SO MUCH AUTHENTICITY AND CONSISTENCY, ERIKA. Your insights and guidance are essential and valuable. Never doubt that what you do matters. You have been a great help in my efforts to grow, heal and improve myself.”

— Current Group participant

"I needed a space to witness other people and know that I’m not alone in my experience. I’m inspired by the courage and integrity of the group. When you can witness transformation in other people, you can believe that it’s possible for yourself."

— A. D.