Counseling with Erika Wright

What is Codependency Counseling?

I approach my practice of healing my own codependency and counseling others as a emotional, behavioral and spiritual practice. Healing Codependency is a way we heal our relationship with time and get sober about love. It's a path to unraveling from systems of transactional and conditional love. It's a path of vulnerability, softness and truth. The tools I have to offer you are very simple and anyone can apply them. They're practices that I use myself. They're tools that work. No one is beyond making changes that will make them happier and more present to love. The choice is yours in every moment. I can help you see your choices clearly and choose yourself.

Milky Way

What is Plant Medicine Integration?

Plant Medicine integration is a way in which to apply the expansive teachings of The Medicine  into the reality of your everyday life. The point in which The Medicine comes into your consciousness and your body is not the only part of the healing.  Learning how to be in your daily life WITH The Medicine continuing to teach you and heal you can take some time. I'm here to help you listen to how that works for you.

Looking At Stars

"My husband and I have been in therapy on and off for tools to navigate our marriage of 12 years. Working with Erika has been the most helpful in shifting my perspective in my partnership. Erika helps guide in a safe and loving way that just makes sense to me. She asks great questions and I leave every session with hope and awareness.This is not only helping my relationship with my husband, it has rippled to the way I treat my children and myself. Erika is truly one of a kind, I am beyond grateful to be working with her, I can’t recommend her authentic and important work enough!"

— Lori Costabile

"Marriage is a beautiful thing — and it’s hard. My wife and I have been married for 12 years and we’ve spent many of those years working on ourselves and our relationship, seeking help from professionals. Erika’s approach is unlike anything I have experienced. I appreciate when she allows me to identify my obstacles, and redirects me to a better path to follow. Like anything involving growth, you have to continue to develop your practice and use the tools to reap the rewards. Erika is a caring, no fuss healer who has guided my wife and I to a new way of thinking, acting and living. I highly recommend her services."

— RC

"My ancestor reading with Erika is so powerfully healing. She helped me move through a very stressful time in my life and gain a new, more helpful perspective. I was able to move forward with ease, and the inspiration from our session has stuck with me. It completely changed my outlook and provided me the confidence I need to move forward the way I was meant to in this world. I can't recommend this offering highly enough!"

— Stefanie Obregozo

"Absolute Light! Readings with Erika illuminate everything that wishes us well. She has an incredible connection to source and an ability to extract and communicate the highest guidance that we are seeking. My sessions with Erika have been life-changing in the best way possible."

— Elizabeth Cline

"Erika is a straight-shooting, no BS, tell-it-how-it-is wizard. Her life experiences combined with her god-given gifts and her big heart come together to provide those in her care with a unique and profound offering. I’ve been lucky enough to receive council from Erika and was soothed by her clarity of vision and sincere guidance. Her direct line to spirit is well-tuned and helps me trust mine."

— Ellie Lotan

"Erika dives right in and wastes zero time getting to the heart of whatever is coming up. She's authentic, precise, and not afraid to lovingly call you out on your nonsense. Our session gave me a perspective that I had never allowed myself to consider and unveiled a better way for me to orient myself around my relations. In her very cool, casual way, she makes the irrefutable argument that all that matters is Love, and I'm grateful for her wisdom!"

— Hadas Alterman

“Erika read my soul! Her reading brought me clarity about my life purpose, the next steps that are available to me - and answers to specific questions that I had been carrying around. I couldn’t recommend her more highly and I am now gifting readings to all my friends.“

— Bob Wright

“My reading with Erika was the exact tool I needed to bring in to complete clarity all of the pieces of familial line abuses that had shattered me. I knew the truths of my healing work and had been using meditation, therapy, and creative writing to make my way through the darkness of what I have been experiencing, but for some reason, I had not been able to feel these truths concretely. Erika stepped in and cleared all my self-doubt and guilt. As her words poured in, I was immediately struck by my instinct to absolutely surrender and just listen and take it in, but it was more than that. I could feel her and her guides placing deep healing in my aura. In essence, what Erika did was give me a spiritual mic drop. It was an ancestral needle and thread that sewed up all the pieces of my journey in a way that I could not have done on my own or with conventional therapy. I am absolutely grateful that Erika has made herself available for this important healing work. Her eloquence is so uniquely hers and it is beyond words.“

— Shannon Berke

"Erika provided a release from a previous mindset in my life. Allowing me to fully trust where I am currently. Erika is clearly bringing to others what she is meant to be doing. Authentically, with rawness, and complete truth. Thank you, Erika, for sharing this invaluable part of yourself and your gift with me. Helping to connect and tether ancestrally. A subtle shift in mindset can bring a transformational shift in life. I highly recommend Erika with this help."

— Marcie Montgomery

“Feeling the love from my ancestors coming through Erika to me is so incredibly comforting. I heard echoes of my prayers that have evolved over the years. The ancestors are always listening and it was beautiful and heartwarming to receive the blessing of reassurance from all that wishes me well.“

— Abby Kojola

“I love, love, love working with Erika and have done so on numerous occasions, each session left me with a profound sense of clarity, levity, and a renewed sense of purpose. She marries the big picture with the steps one needs to get there, all the while modeling what it looks like to be inimitably and unabashedly herself. Truly remarkable!“

— Austin Shaw

“I had a session with Erika that I found to be incredibly grounding, inspiring, and informative. I continue to reflect on and integrate her insights and guidance months later. Being able to get this kind of support was profoundly helpful in navigating these tumultuous times. I will definitely be coming back to Erika when I face my next inflection point.“

— Rachel Humphrey