Codependency Counseling

1-on-1 codependency counseling provides a healing container to support you to stop doing what you don’t want to do and start being in your life and relationships in a way that works for you.

Want to stop saying yes when you mean no? I can help you with that.

Want to start telling the truth to the people you’re in relationship with? I can help you with that.

Want to learn how to tolerate the discomfort of disappointing people and be free to make decisions based on your desires rather than the desires of others? It would be my sincere pleasure to help you with that.

Erika Wright -43

No one is beyond making changes that will make them happier and more present to love.

The choice is yours in every moment. I can help you see your choices clearly and choose yourself.

The tools I have to offer you are simple, relatable, and actionable. They are practices that I use myself. They're tools that work.

This is “regular people” work. Anyone can do it, I promise.

What is Plant Medicine Integration?

Plant Medicine integration provides a healing container to support you to distill and apply the expansive teachings of The Medicine into the reality of your everyday life. The healing work of The Medicine extends far beyond the time The Medicine comes into your body. In other words, the healing is only just beginning when The Ceremony is ending. It can take some time to learn how to be in your daily life in a way that is connected and receptive to the ongoing healing The Medicine provides. I'm here to help you listen in and learn how to do that in a way that works for you.

Erika Wright -35

"Marriage is a beautiful thing — and it’s hard. My wife and I have been married for 12 years and we’ve spent many of those years working on ourselves and our relationship, seeking help from professionals. Erika’s approach is unlike anything I have experienced. I appreciate when she allows me to identify my obstacles, and redirects me to a better path to follow. Like anything involving growth, you have to continue to develop your practice and use the tools to reap the rewards. Erika is a caring, no-fuss healer who has guided my wife and me to a new way of thinking, acting, and living. I highly recommend her services."

— R. C.