Healing Codependency Facilitator Training

with Erika Wright


This program is for therapists and other healing professionals who want to better support their clients around issues related to codependency. Most people struggle with codependent behaviors and patterns (How could we not? It’s baked into us by the culture we live in!) - and yet, there is very little acknowledgment of, or professional training to address, the pervasive impacts and suffering connected to codependency. Whether you have been engaged in your own healing codependency process through my Healing Codependency support groups, or you are coming across this work for the first time, by participating in this training you are sure to deepen your own non-codependent practice in ways that will equip you to support others in their codependency healing journeys.


Want to help your clients get unstuck from habitual patterns of people-pleasing, appeasing, martyrdom and victimhood?


Want to learn more about yourself so you can confidently guide your clients into the depths that you, yourself, have excavated?


Want you and everyone you work with to be more honest, more liberated, and more…happy?!

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New to this work or need a refresher about what I mean by “codependency”?


At its core, codependency is about controlling and manipulating your own or someone else’s feelings in order to avoid vulnerability.

Ever find yourself working harder at someone else’s life than they are? That’s codependency. Ever notice that you say yes to a whole bunch of stuff that you don’t want to do, especially out of fear of disappointing others? That’s codependency. Ever felt like you’d explode into flames if you actually told the truth about what you need and want? Yep, codependency.

It hurts, huh?

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Erika Wright -32


When we start healing our codependency, we start getting sober about love. Love is not conditional, nor does it rely on you violating your boundaries and shoving yourself to the side in order to get to have it. Uh uh. That’s not love, folks. That’s something else that we’ve learned through hundreds of years of organized religion, racism, colonialism, misogyny, and other forms of institutionalized oppression. What do all of these forms of oppression have in common? They are fear-based relationship practices.

Our lives change - more accurately, our lives get unimaginably better - when we are willing to release these codependent shapes and patterns. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

I’m here to help you help others transform codependent patterns in the following ways:

  • Stop saying yes when you mean no.
  • Stop working harder at other people’s (spouse, kid, parent, etc) lives than they do.
  • Learn how to tolerate the discomfort of disappointing people.
  • Start telling the truth about what you need.
  • Learn how to mind your business and let people take care of themselves and their feelings.
  • Learn how to love in honest, sober, and vulnerable ways.
  • Learn how to treat yourself like the prize that you are.
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Erika Wright

I am a Codependency Counselor who is relentlessly passionate about up-leveling my life and supporting others to do the same. Nothing is more thrilling to me than helping people liberate themselves from the conditioning that perpetuates suffering in their lives.

My journey to heal my own codependency has generated some of the most valuable material my life has offered me. Waking up to the unhelpful and destructive patterns of codependency woven throughout my family, ancestry, and the culture at large has been transformative and has sparked my commitment to support others in their process of healing codependency.

What do participants get from the Healing Codependency Facilitator Training?


Direct experience with client content and clients’ point of practice via participation in a Healing Codependency support group.


Live observation of Erika Wright working with clients.


The use of real client cases (pulled from Healing Codependency support groups) to experientially process and practice how to approach and support clients.


Access to the Healing Codependency Facilitator Training Manual.


Training in the 9 Pillars of Healing Codependency and how to apply them when working with clients.


Access to a supportive community of fellow healing practitioners.


Confidence to be able to work skillfully and effectively with clients who are stuck in and suffering from patterns of codependency.


Practical support and administrative tools to create and run your own Healing Codependency groups.


Certificate of completion as a Healing Codependency Facilitator at the conclusion of the program.

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This program combines participation in a Healing Codependency support group with participation in a dedicated Facilitator Training group. This hybrid model allows Facilitator Training participants to have direct contact with the patterning and content that arise in the support group setting as well as opportunities to observe Erika’s facilitation skills. The Facilitator Training group sessions are designed to be a space where participants can reflect on and think tactically about what they are observing in the support groups. The Facilitator Training group sessions will also make use of the Healing Codependency Facilitator Training Manual and will support participants to understand and apply the 9 Pillars of Healing Codependency to how they work with their own clients.

How it works:

There are two tracks available for the Healing Codependency Facilitator program.

Track #1 is for participants who have a minimum of one year of participation in a Healing Codependency support group with Erika.

Track #2 is for people who are completely new to working with Erika.


Track #1

Program Requirements:

*This program is a 12-month commitment.

  • Participation in a minimum of two Healing Codependency support group sessions per month (you are welcome to participate in a group more than 2x monthly, but are not required to do so). (12-months)
  • Participation in two Facilitator Training group sessions per month. (12-months)

Program Cost: $600/ month ($7200 total) or $6500 if paid in full upfront


Track #2

Program Requirements:

*This program is a 12-month commitment.

Program Cost: $1,000/ month ($12,000 total) or $11,000 if paid in full upfront

2024-2025 Dates

Facilitator Training Group Calls are 10 am-12 pm Tuesday via Zoom.

2024 Dates: August 27, September 10, 24, October 22, 29, November 12, 26, December 10, 17
2025 Dates: January 14, 28, February 11, 25, March 11, 25, April 1, 15, May 6, 20, June 3, 17, July 1, 15, 29

Healing Codependency Group Testimonials

"Erika is a no-nonsense, straight-talking, and direct agent of change and transformation. With clarity, precision, and razor-sharp insight, she supported me in making deep changes and shifts in a very short time. I wholeheartedly recommend Erika if you want to make changes as quickly as possible and move out of unhealthy patterns or those that don’t serve your highest purpose. Erika creates a container that leaves no sticky residue. Her directness is a healing salve and deeply refreshing and nourishing in these times of ambiguity and untruth."

— C. S.

“Erika’s healing co-dependency support groups have done nothing short of saving my life. Before I started working with her, I was stuck in destructive patterns of contorting myself to make other people “comfortable,” not stating my needs, suffocating in resentment, and lying to myself and others all the time without even realizing it. I was ready to blow up my life, but I haven’t had to because I’ve learned how to change my behavior to improve my experience of the world around me. I now have tools for how to live in integrity and in alignment with my values, I know how to speak up for myself and stay out of other people’s business, and perhaps most amazingly, I am so much more at peace with the possibility of people not liking me. She gives fully and freely from the heart in each session, and what she gives is truly priceless, essential information. I’ve also watched the people in my group transform before my eyes as we go through this process of healing our codependent patterns together. Working with Erika has been a journey of coming home to myself.“

— A.S.

“Codependency has proven to be an elusive bugger in my life. When I saw the invite to become better equipped as a parent, who recently divorced with a 10 and 7-year-old, it was an immediate YES in my sacral. From the moment Erika started the first session it was evident she was committed and passionate about helping me and the others in the group show up for our children in ways that were both loving and empowering to everyone involved. I know that I want to do things differently than what I experienced as a child. Erika provided powerful paradigms and tools for me that have already created a difference in how I’m showing up to my kids. And that is invaluable. Thank you, Erika!“

— M.S.

“The healing codependency counseling group was one of the best and most challenging healing experiences of my life. It helped me to view my own old patterns that were no longer working and move forward with more integrity and groundedness in myself. A huge part of that was possible because of the safe space Erika created for vulnerability and transformation; her unbridled honesty and fierce compassion are incredibly helpful and unique.“

— E.B.

“I would like to bring to light what going through 12 weeks of Erika's Healing Codependency Classes has done for me. I have put myself in traditional therapy for the last two years to process parts of myself I wanted to be free of. I wasn’t getting the healing I needed there, and had been frustrated with therapy, and almost quit. I stumbled into Erika's workshop in a newsletter in my email by chance. I inquired, and I signed up. I have found that attending classes has been like having lightbulbs in my brain simply turn on. The process of going through the classes has been helpful for me to navigate through my situations with others, and myself. I believe I am getting the relief that has been plaguing me for all of my adult life in this area, which I might not otherwise have gotten, had I not joined these classes. I highly recommend these classes to those who are willing to face themselves, get some real work done, to be free from unnecessary bondage in these areas of their life. “

— T. P.

“I had a session with Erika that I found to be incredibly grounding, inspiring, and informative. I continue to reflect on and integrate her insights and guidance months later. Being able to get this kind of support was profoundly helpful in navigating these tumultuous times. I will definitely be coming back to Erika when I face my next inflection point.“

— R. H.