About Erika Wright

Made of Stars

I am a Codependency Counselor who is relentlessly passionate about up-leveling my life and supporting others to do the same. Nothing is more thrilling to me than helping people liberate themselves from the conditioning that perpetuates suffering in their lives.

My journey to heal my own codependency has generated some of the most valuable material my life has offered me. Waking up to the unhelpful and destructive patterns of codependency woven throughout my family, ancestry, and the culture at large has been transformative and has sparked my commitment to support others in their process of healing codependency.

My own healing path and the material my life has offered me is the place from which I counsel others. I am most effective at supporting others when I am sharing authentically from my life experience. My approach offers a sense of intimacy, directness, relatability, and compassion that I have found to be rare among healing professionals.

There are many ways to work with me including through my support groups, individual and couples counseling sessions, and group workshops.

Still curious about who I am and how I got here?

Here are some of the broad strokes…

  • I have been on a healing trajectory for more than 20 years.
  • I am married to a brilliant man, Jeff Wright MFT, and together we are parents to two incredible daughters who we conceived via egg donor/IVF.
  • I facilitate healing ceremonies as the co-leader of Made of Stars and I was a ceremony officer at Medicine Path NAC for 14 years.
  • I own a dark chocolate company called SupahStah. 
  • I am a certified yoga teacher.
  • I had a private bodywork practice for 13 years offering Neuromuscular reprogramming, reiki, craniosacral, energy work, and other various healing modalities.
  • I am a singer and I make music as FeatherWitch.
Erika Wright -29

"Erika dives right in and wastes zero time getting to the heart of whatever is coming up. She's authentic, precise, and not afraid to lovingly call you out on your nonsense. Our session gave me a perspective that I had never allowed myself to consider and unveiled a better way for me to orient myself around my relations. In her very cool, casual way, she makes the irrefutable argument that all that matters is Love, and I'm grateful for her wisdom!"

— H. A.